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The Emotion Code

Animal or Child
30 minute sessions $85


Heart Wall
Package of 4
40 minute sessions  $345

The Body Code

1 hour session        $125
3 session package  $333
10 session package  $999

The Belief Code

60 – 75 minutes    $150

~ Client Testimonial ~

Julie has a true gift with healing. I suffer with depression, an over-reactive nervous system, and have dealt with major addiction most of my life. With Julie’s intuition and skill, she has discovered and released trapped emotions from past emotional trauma, which has greatly helped me to feel better about myself. Her work with clearing my heart wall has helped me to feel more open to new relationships. If I am dealing with a stressful situation, having a session with Julie (in person or remote) has provided me a sense of calmness so that I can carry on. As Julie has successfully cleared past trapped emotion from my body, I am learning how to live my life with more purpose and vitality, and I sincerely have Julie to thank for this.

~ Cat. H