My Story

“Every day and in every way I am getting better and better.” -Julie Wasmer, White Hawk Wisdom

My Story

I met my husband Bill in 1983 and we were married in 1989. Our son Gavin was born in 1994 and our daughter Laura in 1997. Little did I know that my son would be the catalyst for my own spiritual growth and that my daughter would be born to save my life.


I had always thought that I was healthy and lead a consciously good lifestyle, but never imagined that my emotional body was so hurt and undernourished that I would develop a dis-ease.


We had a family business that my grandparents had started in 1945. My father and mother fell in love there. I had always seen myself as taking over the family business in the future. The year before I became pregnant, our business went through a bankruptcy and closed its’ doors for good. It felt as though something or someone had died inside of me.


In 1997, I developed an undiagnosed tumor that could be seen with ultrasound during my pregnancy. The tumor grew to 15 pounds and the cancer wasn’t actually diagnosed until I had an emergency cesarean at 33 weeks. Miraculously, I gave birth to a healthy 4 lb.1 oz. baby girl.


I had a complete hysterectomy, went through immediate menopause, chemotherapy, lost all my hair and had to find a way to take care of both a premie and my three year old son. Then depression set in. My loving husband was in survival mode trying to keep food on the table and keep the family in tact.


Cancer has a way of connecting you to the divine. The emotional events that lead to my cancer were revealed to me in the quiet. I knew that one day I would try to help others with cancer and other dis-ease but did not have a clue how.

Fast forward to 2020, the year of the pandemic and mass change on planet Earth. Our daughter was living in Australia and our son at home. 

On February 28th, my employer closed it’s doors for good and my 14 year career in retail management came to an end. 

My 91 year old father became ill, went to the hospital and ended up in a nursing home. Then the lockdowns came and we could no longer visit with him. He caught pneumonia, went back to the hospital and sadly passed away.

Six months later, our 26 year old son Gavin had a massive epileptic seizure and was hospitalized. Due to Covid restrictions we could not be by his side. He was intubated, never woke up and we never saw him again.  We were absolutely devastated. The grief and shock that shook our family was beyond belief.

The bond between mother and son can never be broken not even in death.  My son appeared to me two days after his passing and although brief, was able to cocoon me in what appeared to be energetic ribbons of love. It was pure unconditional love of the highest order. It was so incredibly beautiful.

This connection began my journey of healing and opened me up spiritually to new experiences and trust in the divine wisdom coming through. My natural intuition keeps growing and expanding as I am able to help others along the way.