My Credentials

Pain doesn't just show up in our lives for no reason.
Sometimes it's a sign that our lives need to change. ~ Ann Hession

My Credentials

I came across a video by Dr. Bradley Nelson and saw a path into my purpose of helping myself, my family and others’ heal. The energy healing practices that I use involve connecting to the divine first, as that is where the Superconscious, God energy is here for all of us.  Then, I am able to get answers from the subconscious to bring forth a conscious energetic change.


My experience and certifications through Discover Healing as an Emotion
Code Practitioner (CECP), Body Code Practitioner (CBCP) and Belief Code
Practitioner (BCP3) have paved the way for this new chapter in my life.
I am constantly reading, learning and expanding my knowledge and wisdom in the quantum field.


My passion for a healthy lifestyle lead me to become certified as a
Nutrition Coach with The Food Matters Institute. I believe that all food
has a vibrational frequency. When food is eaten with intention it can be
both enjoyed and used as medicine, and I love to eat and cook!


I am an associate with USANA, a cellular nutrition company and a member
of WellPro International Partners.


I received a Bachelors of Science in Business Management from San Diego
State University.