About Julie

“Ask to connect to the Quantum Universe so that Divine Guidance can reach you.
Our guides cannot help us if we do not ask them.
This is spiritual law." ~ Julie Wasmer

About Julie

I am a California native, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. I
was raised in a loving Jewish family that was not religious. My true
spiritual awakening did not take place until 2020.


I am passionate about eating healthy, exercising, spending time in
nature, listening to my body and to my thoughts. For that is where the
magic in your life happens. In the quiet is when we can listen to our
own soul’s calling. I love to share my wisdom with others in hopes that
they will experience healing and wellness.


It has taken two major events in my life to understand what my soul’s
purpose is in this lifetime. My purpose is to help transform others on
this planet from the trauma, grief, emotional and body pain that has
manifested in their lives. My desire to help others reach their true
soul potential is part of my soul’s calling.


I hope that by sharing my story, it will help you to understand that the
suffering we go through in life is for our own spiritual growth. It is
in the polarity of contrast, in the darkness of living hell that we can
truly find the light and perhaps our calling.


We each have our own story and contract with God. It is up to you to have the desire to truly want to heal and to take action.